Frank Ottolino

President and CEO

I have been in the construction trade since 1979. I have been in the environmental field since 1985.

My experience ranges from mechanical insulation to interior demolition. Coordinating projects that range from small residential to the largest decommissioning of a nuclear power plant in the United States, Zion Nuclear Station.


As the owner of EHC I am privileged to work alongside the finest field crew, the best sales staff, and the best office staff in the industry. 

I was mentored by two men that started in the industry in the mid 60’s and forged relationships with a clientele that we are still doing business with today. It was built on trust and expertise in performing our work in a manner that exceeded their expectations.  That is our goal on all our projects.

Integrity is the backbone of our company.

Cell number: (847)-456-8176